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 Custom Telecaster Pickups Alnico 2/5


These pickups are for great vintage tone ! They sport 0.187" Alnico 2 rod magnets on the high three strings (G,B,E) while using 0.187" Alnico 5 rod magnets on the lower three strings (E,A,D). This helps to create a smooth, well balanced output. You get the punchy attack and well defined bass response associated with the Alnico 5 while producing the warm swelling vintage tones you get from the Alnico 2. No more need to compromise on either muddy bass response or harsh highs.






  • Neck output 6.9k
  • Bridge output 8.2K
  • 0.187" Alnico V sand cast polepiece magnets on the low E, A, D strings
  • 0.187" Alnico II sand cast polepiece magnets on the high G, B, E strings
  • Wax Potted

Custom Telecaster Pickups Alnico 2/5

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