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Kris and I , we started working on his custom pickups. We spend a lot of time checking his different types of pickups. All of them sounded really good but I wanted something that sounded really organic, dynamic and clean and had no extra frequency from the pickup's bass, mid or high. I was also looking for something that projected the tone from the guitar amp , had a personal touch, style and feel. Kris brought different pickups with a choice of outputs made with various Alnico magnets (like Alnico 2,3,4,5,8) and ceramic magnets using different materials. I decided to go with his Alnico 3 Pickups. This particular one had everything I needed like big,open,dynamic and naturally crispy clear, tight sound. I am 100% satisfied with Kris's pickup. It rocked in the sound quality and performance.
In comparison to all the brand name pickups I have used, Kris's custom pickup has outstanding quality and sound very close to them if not better. This is my honest opinion about the custom pickup Kris made for me.

Thanks to Kris!  

Naski Corelo

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